Filipino-style Fried Chicken

It’s been 9 months since the last post and much has happened…like what TV shows I’m watching. Lately it’s been Hawaii Five-0 and I’m lovin it! One of my favorite characters is Kamekona… Continue reading

No Mo Monday Probs

I just love checking my emails because so many people want to give me free money and offer me unique deals to enhance the quality of my life. All these awesome opportunities are… Continue reading

Saturday Chill Out!

On Saturdays I like to kick back and chillax. I wake up late, eat a good meal, vape my favorite ejuice, and stay home while my wife and kids are at a birthday… Continue reading

Give a man a fish!

   “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.”   Today I… Continue reading

To Change Or Not To Change – That Is The Question

Before jumping into the heavy issues of life, Auntie from HappySlip enlightens us with wisdom and knowledge. We like to give advise – don’t we? We also like getting great advise especially when… Continue reading

A Real Gift

My son just turned 6-years old and he seems to be teaching me a thing or two about generosity. His teacher notified us that Noah gave one of his friends at school a… Continue reading

Job Interview Skills To Pay The Bills

I just had a job interview and I got the popular question, “What is my weakness?” That is a setup question if I ever smelt one. It smelled like the big “D” (not doodoo… Continue reading

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Arnel Pineda is Proof!

Painter: You know what they say. When life gives you lemons… Lightman: … chuck em’ at people. This has to be one of my favorite lines from the show Lie to Me.  =)… Continue reading

What a Christ-mess!

Does it drive you nuts when you see someone throw trash or cigarette butts on the ground? I especially love it when people dump their unwanted furniture and appliances along roadsides. The man… Continue reading

It’s Nothin But Brisket & Honey!

HappySlip is back and who doesn’t like her humor based on the “unique” things that Filipinos do that make you laugh or drive you nuts. Check this out! I tell yea, it’s like… Continue reading

Magandang Araw Sa Iyo (Have a nice day!)

Jamie Grace – Beautiful Day (Lyric Video) . (End Of Transmission)

How Are Your Peelings Today?

How are your peelings today? I love this episode of HappySlip and the Zombie Sprint Commercial. Peelings . Sprint Unlimited My Way Zombie Your feelings are an important part of your spiritual life.… Continue reading