Kili-Kili Power

Warning: May contain Filipino humor appropriate for all ages.

One of my childhood memories is having my cousins (from Long Beach) over the house and we’d joke about our smelly armpits. We’d yell, “Kili-kili power!” and force each other to smell it. LoL.

Definition of “kilikili-power”: (From

(english)a very bad odor coming from the armpit when not taking a bath; a sour smell usually same as a rotten guava emitting from someone’s armpit who don’t take a shower for many days.

(filipino/tagalog) ang masangsang at umaalingasaw na bantot mula sa kaibuturan ng kilikili ng isang taong ayaw maligo; putok Abul Hashem has a very strong kilikili-power! (filipino: Tangina ang baho ni Abul Hashem, ang lakas ng kilikili-power nya!)

Do you remember the wonderful smells of a public restroom or a porta-potty, especially if someone just took the “Browns to the Superbowl”?

Yea, our nose receptors start twitching and we’re abhorred. But when we go #2, we’re fine with our own smell.

Same thing applies with our spiritual attitude. When we see someone else doing something bad, we usually have a critical spirit. But if we truly examine our hearts, we commit the same things. Why do we think ungodly behavior is permissible for us, but when someone else does it, it’s really bad.  It’s so bad we feel obliged to be the sin police with our finger on the taser gun. (Opps, rather finger on the trigger.)

We all know of family members that preach to us “to do as I say and not as I do.” The Church has this reputation. We’re totally missing God’s heart! Why would anyone want to be like us if we’re being a bad smelling witness.

Join me as Bob Coy shares a “fresh” solution for “kili-kili power” at the below link:

Message Summary: Apart from Jesus we humans stink. Nothing good dwells in us apart from Jesus Christ. The body of Christ is compromising daily. We need to repent and turn away from our gods.