Men’s Prayer Meeting / Bible Study with Manny Pacquiao, Jeremy Lin, Mr. T, and Tim Tebow.

Imagine what a prayer meeting would be like with these men of faith in the same room.

  1. Manny Pac-man
  2. Linsanity
  3. Mr. T
  4. Tebow

Or what if they were going to meet at your house for dinner and a Bible study that you’ll teach this evening?

A chapter of Proverbs each day keeps the flesh at bay. Make it a habit to read through Proverbs in a month by starting on where the day falls. Since today is March 1, we’ll look at Proverbs 1.

Here’s how I’ll outline my study notes so that it relates to them on a personal level:

The 3 F’s (Fuel + Fitness + Form) and tie this into each verse if possible. Neglecting any of the 3 F’s will equal FAILURE!

Fuel is anything you consume like types of foods, vitamins,  and supplements. Fitness will entail their specific workout program and who they train with. Form is the proper execution of an exercise like in weight training to get the full use of that muscle group and avoiding injuries. By understanding and applying the 3 F’s will determine if you will be effective in that sport to reap the rewards like a title,  monetary bonus, and trophies.

The spiritual meaning for:

Fuel is feeding on God’s Word in addition to prayer, proper hermeneutics, commentaries, etc.

Fitness is a daily routine of reading/studying God’s Word like a chapter a day, devotional type material, and fellowship with other believers.

Form is like “faith”. We must have the correct faith and be faithful to Him. We can also relate this to the fear of the Lord and the free gift Jesus offers everyone to be forgiven of all sins – past, present, and future!

If you are missing or lacking in these areas, it will hinder your overall spiritual growth/maturity/performance.

(My intention is not to give you a detailed sermon outline but to encourage you to dig into God’s Word by doing a verse-by-verse study in through Proverbs. You’ll be surprised and super blessed by how God will reveal His truths to you in a personal and powerful way.)


  • Start a small group Bible study.
  • Pray about who you can disciple.
  • Write down your testimony to share with others.
  • Watch other people’s testimonies:
    • Search YouTube. I’m certain you’ll find them for Manny Pacquiao, Jeremy Lin, Mr. T, and Tim Tebow.
    • “I Am Second” –

In the News:

  • Manny Pacman shares his dream of meeting God.

“In a mid-January interview with television station ABS-CBN, Pacquiao described his rekindled faith after an “encounter with God” in a dream. That experience from years ago led the Filipino native to give up womanizing and gambling.

Pacquiao shared that he wandered through a forest in his dream, when he came upon a bright light – God – and heard a voice: “Son, why are you going away from me?”

“I woke up crying. I remember I was crying in my dream and when I touched my pillow, it was wet,” he shared. “If I had died last year or in the last two years, I’m sure I would have gone straight to hell. My faith in Him was there, 100 percent, but behind it, after prayers, I would still do evil things.”

Pacquiao’s dream revelation has turned his life around. According to ABS-CBN, the boxer now spends more time with his family when not training and has immersed himself in Bible study.

Read the entire article – Manny Pacquiao to Be Boxing’s Tim Tebow as ‘Bible Ambassador?’ at: