Are you “Hang-gree”?

Can you guess how many times you open the refrigerator or pantry looking for food or a drink?

Maybe a dozen times if you’re at home. Our body tells us to eat or it gets angry at us.

I remember my Lola’s words asking me if I’m hungry, “Are you hang-gree?” (Sounds like angry)

Now how many times did you open your Bible today?

Your soul maybe telling you something if you have a bad attitude or restlessness in your soul.

Are you wrestling with something? Maybe you’re not sleeping well at night or just stressed out.

May I suggest opening God’s refrigerator to Proverbs 3 and taste/see the goodness of God.

Explore it online –

I hope you are blessed by these music videos, especially towards the end!

  • Healing Hands of God – Jeremy Camp
  • Everything – Life House
  • Just Like You – Lecrae
  • Don’t Waste Your Life – Lecrae
  • Imagine – Beckah Shae
  • Hope – Beckah Shae & Montell Jordan (Watch them piece together the different sounds to make a melody for the Lord.)
  • All We Need Is Love – Dominic Balli (Behind the Songs)
  • We Won’t Stop – Dominic Balli (Behind the Songs)
  • THE BIGGEST LIE IN YOUR LIFE by Francis Chan at Reality church

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