A Lesson in Humbility: “Something Bite His Grap-froot!” & “You Know You’re 2nd Gen Flip or Half Flip When”

I heard of a man who went to use a porta-potty for number 2 and unaware that a black widow spider had crawled into his pants. Can you guess what happened next? Yes-in-deedy, it bite his “grap-froot” (grapefruit).

His name and reputation will be marked forever by this event, and someone will be purposeful to bring it up. Sound familiar?

After watching many of the Filipino Skits by Christine Gambito (aka HappySlip), I found myself laughing at the so real imitations of my own family members….Really I was laughing at myself because I exhibited the same habits and personality traits as a second generation Filipino (more specifically my parents being natural born in PH and I was born in the States.)

You know you’re a second generation Filipino or Half Filipino (Mestizo) when….

1. As a child, you were embarrassed to be Filipino. Now you wear Pinoy Pride cloths/apparel and collect other Filipino paraphernalia like the PH flag and stickers.

2. The smell of tuyo (stinky dried fish) makes you gag, and your friends inquire if you ever tried balut or dog.

3. Your mom and grandma’s cure-all medicine is a “special” rubbing liquid in a small bottle called Mancinella (or Vicks VapoRub). If other medicines don’t work, you let them apply it on your children, or they do it secretly when you’re not looking. But if you’re in the military, your cure-all of all cure-all’s is Motrin 800 MG.

4. You still like sliced hotdog pieces in your “sweet” spaghetti, and your favorite anytime meal is spam, eggs, rice and ketchup.

5. You no longer have a Filipino accent, however you’ve mastered mimicking your parent’s accent and mannerisms. Once in a while, “aska-dent-lee” the accent does come out especially at family gatherings. When you enter a dark room, you “open” the light. If you want someone to unlock a car door, you say, “Open me!” ….and you “close” the TV rather then turn it off.

6. You want to visit the Philippines but your mom keeps warning you of all the kidnappings and anything else to discourage you…but if you were a bad kid, they threatened to send your there.

7. (And my most favorite) You can understand Tagalog but you can’t speak it; you want to learn one day so you can teach your kids. Also your non-Filipino family members are able to recite more Filipino phrases then you, but the inappropriate ones. (I learned my Tagalog from watching Viva Videos and Tito, Vic, and Joey.)

So just like the poor man who was “bite-ted” in the mangos by the black willow spy-deer and the list of Filipino oddities, what do you want to be known for?

I believe you are unique and have a unique purpose in this life.

I hope you discover that purpose and live it out to the Glory of God.

Don’t porget to read your Proverbs for today!

:::::::Video/Audio Resource :::::::::

  • Francis Chan is sharing on humidity and how to stay humble. He also touches upon some stereotypical impressions we have of certain people groups and how we can “love” others no matter who they are. His testimony about his grandmother and brother will “stir you up”.
  • Side Note: I’m coining a new word, humbility (Humble + Humility) You read it here first, OK! =)

  • Bob Coy shares his story of God’s amazing grace and how his story isn’t any different then yours.

Listen to Bob’s Testimony:

Part 1 – http://media.calvaryftl.org/player/?fn=T3033

Part 2 – http://media.calvaryftl.org/player/?fn=T3034

At the age of 24, Bob Coy left a coveted position in the music industry to serve as an associate pastor with Calvary Chapel of Las Vegas. In 1985, Bob and his wife, Diane, moved to Fort Lauderdale and began Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale. As senior pastor, he has become well known for his unique style in expounding the Scriptures, making them come alive and relate to those of us living in the 21st century. His teaching style emphasizes the believer’s “life application” of the highest standards of God’s truth while his delivery captures the loving heart of God’s Spirit.

Pastor Bob has had the rare privilege of watching God’s miraculous hand move in the individual lives of those in the fellowship as well as the corporate body as a whole. From the first meeting in a living room with four in attendance, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale has now become home to over 20,000 men and women from the tri-county area, and ranks as the eighth largest church in the country. Though many have tried to attribute its rapid growth to numerous reasons, no one is more surprised by the phenomenon than Pastor Bob, who gives total credit and all the glory to God alone.

Pastor Bob’s testimony is evidence of how God can use each and every one of us for His glory. It is presented as a two-part study and is available in our media Gallery.


  • Watch this husband and wife team (Jack Shocklee and Beckah Shae) use their incredible talent in making music using an Ipad and Iphone (Apps- Pianist/ElectroBeats) in their rendition of Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You Babe.

  • HappySlip Skit – “YouChoob” (YouTube) – It will “stir your emotions”. =)