It’s Monday! Want to know the secret to “Checkmate Joy”?

It’s a Monday and for many it’s the most stressful work day.

What better way to start and/or finish your day with Proverbs 12 to make wise and sound decisions.

Verse 1 states: “Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is “brutish” (aka stupid).

Who likes being called Stupid? So here’s a less “blunt” translation that says the same thing:

“To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction.” (NLT)

Verse 25-26 flies out of the page to get my attention.

We are in the year 2012 which has been called the Year of Fear, eluding to the Mayan misunderstanding that the end of the world is nigh on 12/21/2012.

Before you get down and depressed, may I encourage you to know the “facts” before allowing anything to plague you or flood your mind.

These verses (25-26) speaks volumes in how we can defeat depression and deception:

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.

The righteous should choose his friends carefully, For the way of the wicked leads them astray.

Here is a message by Mark Foreman that talks about “Checkmate Joy”. My prayer is that you will have this permanent joy that no matter what your circumstances are today, you will have courage and everlasting peace that defies all rhyme and reason.

I used to serve in Hospitality at his church, and got to know Pastor Mark.  He’s the real deal! And one of the most godly and wise people I’ve met. You may have heard of the band – Switchfoot. Jon and Tim are his kids, and their guitar/keyboard player is Jerome Fontamillas, a Filipino-American musician. Check out their music video – Dare You To Move.


::::::: Crazy Talk :::::::

  • KP Yohannan shares a powerful story of a 19-year old missionary named Samuel who demonstrates this type of “Checkmate Joy” as he stands firm on his conviction and calling to seek and save the lost in Bundi, Rajasthan – India. (I love his accent!)
  • If this is your first time hearing of KP, it will sound like “crazy talk” but what he shares will challenge, shape and shake you out of passivity, complacency, and mediocrecy, but only if you are willing.
  • Download the full message “To Live Is Christ” at

When K.P was a young native missionary to his own country in India, he and some companions visited a village called Bundi. When he went there, the villagers beat them severely and threw them out. Then a few years later another missionary attempted to go there, and he was killed for his faith.

Several years later a 19 year old after going through discipleship and missionary training and was praying sincerely about where the Lord wanted him to go, and the Lord laid on his heart Bundi. He went to his wise counsel and said, “I think the Lord wants me to go to Bundi.” His wise counsel explained the danger and asked the boy if he was sure the Lord told him that. The boy insisted he was instructed by the Lord, and so then his counsel advised him to “go” if that’s where the Lord instructed him to go, and that’s just what the boy did. After getting there, in the middle of the night, the missionary was threatened by village members. They told him to leave immediately, and if he came back they’d “rip him apart like a chicken”. Then, they forcibly threw him out of the town. Scared, the missionary left and returned to his wise counsel. He told his counsel, “They told me if I came back they’d tear me apart like a chicken! What should I do?” His counsel asked, “Are you sure God asked you to go to Bundi?”

Response was “Yes”. Then his counsel said, “then go, because you will die an honorable death and Heaven is much better than Bundi.” So, the missionary returned to Bundi.

When he returned, again villagers threatened him and said, “Why did you come back? Didn’t we tell you that we’d tear you apart like a chicken?” The missionary’s response was, “I came back with an important message to share with you. But if I die before sharing it, Heaven is much better than Bundi!” This opened the door for him to share. Years later he called K.P. and asked him to inaugurate the first Jesus-believing church in Bundi, and K.P. wept as he went and preached and saw all the new young converts.