A Lesson in Proverbs 13 – Use Paul 4X In A Sentence

How do you use “Paul” four times in a sentence?

Watch this HappySlip Episode 3 to find out: http://www.happyslip.com/?p=614

Another variation of this Filipino joke is: How do you use the name “PAUL” five times in a sentence.

“Hey PAUL– Be carePAUL! You might PAUL in the swimming-PAUL and make a PAUL of yourself.”

Proverbs 13:13 states:

“He who despises the word will be destroyed, But he who fears the commandment will be rewarded.”

The Amplified version puts it this way:

“Whoever despises the word and counsel [of God] brings destruction upon himself, but he who [reverently] fears and respects the commandment [of God] is rewarded.”

So if someone doesn’t take heed to this simple warning, he will look foolish (or hurt himself) in the process.

Proof is in the pudding! Watch this video on Pool Bloopers! Aray!


:::::::: APPLICATION :::::::

Chuck Smith shares this love story about a Prince and Princess.

After you read this, decide what you would title the story:

1. The Price Paid by the Prince for the Princess’ Freedom

2. The Price The Princess Pays For Foolishness

Now two things can be done concerning your sins. One, by your coming to Jesus Christ, they can be totally and completely washed away. Totally forgiven through Him, accepting this new covenant that God has established, your sins are completely put away. If that does not take place, then the second thing that will happen concerning your sins is that you will stand before God and be judged, and your sins will condemn you.

Years ago, I was told the story of a wonderful prince, the heir to the kingdom, who had married a wife who proved to be undeserving of him and of his love. During a time of rebellion, she went out and lived in open adultery with the leader of the rebellion. When the rebellion was subdued, the princess was brought to justice and the court decreed that she should die in the tiger’s pit. Outside of the city, in a clearing in the forest, a pit had been dug. In the pit was a post, and those victims, who were so executed, were tied to the post. And during the night the tigers, drawn by the scent of human flesh, would come and devour the victims. The day of execution came and she was led into the woods and tied securely to the post there in the bottom of the pit and was left to her fate.

As it grew darker, she heard the crunching of gravel above her head. Looking up, she saw silhouetted in the evening sky not the form of a tiger, but of a man, who vaulted down into the pit. She recognized him to be the prince, her husband that she had betrayed. She turned on him in anger saying, “What have you done? Have you come to mock me because of the fate that I have?” He said, “No, I have come to prove to you how much I’ve always loved you. You’ve never understood that.” With that, he waited silently in the pit until again there was crunching at the top of the pit. And now a tiger, drawn by the scent of human flesh, circling the pit, and then the fast footsteps as it approached and leaped into the pit. But instead of leaping upon the princess, it met the unsheathed sword of the prince. There in the darkness a fierce battle ensued, until finally the princess could hear the death throes as the last bit of life was leaving, and then just the dripping of blood.

As it became daylight, the men from the city came to take the remains of the princess and bury them. To their astonishment, they found that the princess was in good shape, still tied in the center of the pit. But over in the corner, and almost drowned in his own blood, was their beloved prince, and next to him a tiger that had been killed.

They lifted him out of the pit and carried him back to town and called the best physicians in the kingdom. For three days he hovered between life and death. Every hour a bulletin went out throughout the kingdom telling of the condition of the prince as he fought the battle for life. Finally, on the third day the news went out that the prince has passed the crisis and would live. All within the kingdom rejoiced.

In the meantime, the princess had again been incarcerated because the court’s judgment had not been executed. Again, she was brought to trial and now the verdict was to be given. All the people of the kingdom gathered in the great arena to hear the verdict against the princess. As the crier stepped forth, he said, “Hear ye, hear ye, the decision of the supreme council.” Then turning to the princess he said, “Over on your right there is a door, and behind that door there stands your husband, the prince, the one that you betrayed. Over on your left is another door, behind which are several tigers. If by five o’clock this evening you do not go to the door on your right and enter that door declaring to all within the kingdom that from now on you will be a faithful and devoted wife, then the door on your left will be opened and the death which he almost died to save you from will come upon you, and this time without any hope of escape. And the story ended, which door?

But as you see the story, you realize that we are the guilty princess, and that we rebelled against the Lord, who loved us so much that He came to prove His love by dying in our place. Now there are two doors, two things that can be done for your sins. Totally forgiven by your commitment of your life to Jesus Christ, or if you fail, then the death from which He died to save you will come and there will be no hope of any escape. “For how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?” So really, you have to put the ending on the story yourself. Which door? You are the one that puts the ending on the story.

::::::: ILLUSTRATION: Flexing Your Faith Muscles :::::::

While you watch this workout video, notice the wisdom and advice that Kris Gethin gives to those that want to successfully transform their body and reach their goals. Take note of these principles and apply it to grow your muscles of faith.

The spiritual application is to “rest” and “recharge” in the Lord to prevent feeling “burnt out”.  Spend quality time in prayer and study by controlling your environment to avoid distractions. Get the mind of Christ!

Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring [it] to pass. (Psalms 37:3-5)

Video Details: 

Week 5, Day 33: Chest & Triceps – 8:13

Tips For This Workout Day

Quality Over Quantity:

There’s no need to spend multiple hours in the gym every day. Results don’t just come from gym time – they also come from rest time.

This is why it’s important to work hard in the gym, then allow yourself the time to recover! Overtraining can result in catabolism, burnout and unsatisfying results.

Mind Over Matter:

It’s easy to psyche yourself out when you are lifting heavy. Commonly, people don’t get in the right mindset when pushing themselves, so make sure to tell yourself you can do it – you’ll be suprised by what you can accomplish!


Try squeezing the muscles you are working at the apex (peak) of your rep – this can help with toned muscle development.


Drop your elbows at the end of each rep to isolate the center of the chest with the pause and squeeze technique. If you fail, finish with some partial reps!


Try bringing a book with you to read while you do your cardio. Cardio doesn’t have to be monotonous!

Source: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kris-gethin-12-week-daily-trainer-week-5-day-33.html