Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Masarap Na Pagkain – Makes Me Want To Slap My Mama!

I’ve been on a 3-day business trip to Dallas this week and I ate like it was my last meal. I think I missed my calling as a professional food eating competitor because no one… Continue reading

Monday Madness & Mayhem – How To Deal With Difficult People (6 of 6)

Monday mornings can be madness and mayhem for many. I personally had a difficult time waking up since I went to bed at 1 am working on a creative project. Thank God for… Continue reading

Sweet Seasoned Steaks for the Seasoned Saints

The secret to really good steak is the seasoning and sugar. (We put sugar in many of our foods. You should try our Sweet Style Spaghetti. Yummy in the tummy!) My wife makes an… Continue reading

Your Mama So Short! Joking Lang!

I remember as a kid having joke/snap battles especially while we waited for the school bus. It would usually start with “Yo mama…” The one I remember the most was: Yo mama so… Continue reading

Tenacious Tuesday Testimony Time

How do you use the word “tenacious” in a sentence? Answer: I went to the shoe store to buy “tenn-a-cious”! (Sounds like tennis shoes.) My mom and dad were over-protective parents and that… Continue reading

Match Maker for Tim Tebow. Drum Roll Please!

You know you’re Filipino if you have a family member who is an anointed match maker or at least working hard to be one. =) I remember when I was a new believer in… Continue reading

Mahal Kita Sobra! – If I Ain’t Got You!

Saturdays are always special days because it’s a time to play catch up. Do you have to do yard work? Wash your car? May I suggest something better? Spend time and “chil-lax” with… Continue reading

Thursday The 13th – What Do Filipinos, Las Vegas, and Steak-Eggs Have In Common?

For some odd reason, I thought today was Thursday. What island have I been on? Probably the “Lost” (TV Show) island. But really I wish I could be vacationing in PH, enjoying a… Continue reading

Beware Of The 5-0: How To Deal With Difficult People 5 of 6

We’re almost done with this series on dealing with the “Not-So-Loveable-People” in our lives. Beware of the K-A Monster! What is K-A you might be wondering… On the highways of Texas, there is… Continue reading

Cross Culture Lessons – Filipino Tips & Tricks

I’ve got a cool tip and trick in being a Filipino. Are you ready for this “hands-on” cross culture lesson? First you must wash your hands! As a kid, I was sort of… Continue reading

Boiled Peanuts for Brain Power…You Know You’re Filipino!

You know you’re Filipino if you like to eat boiled peanuts and have an Uncle named Boy or a name that repeats itself like Boy-Boy and (Auntie) Bing-Bing. I remember eating these all… Continue reading

Filipino Time or Flipin-ON-Time?

Are you always on Filipino Time? We put a whole new twist (and shape) to “fashionably late”. When my wife and I plan parties, we usually set a buffer time knowing that our… Continue reading