Mahal Kita Sobra! – If I Ain’t Got You!

Saturdays are always special days because it’s a time to play catch up.

Do you have to do yard work? Wash your car?

May I suggest something better?

Spend time and “chil-lax” with those you love.  (Chill + Relax)

Start with the One who loves you more than anyone ever can.

These videos from Moriah Peters will calm the soul and take you into the arms of Jesus.

Keep your eyes on Him because He only has eyes for you!


  • That Jesus Love (Original) by Moriah Peters


  •  “I Choose Jesus” acoustic (live)


  • “If I Aint Got You Jesus”


  • Fairytale (Original)


  • Waves of Love
  • About the Song: I Choose Jesus