Match Maker for Tim Tebow. Drum Roll Please!

You know you’re Filipino if you have a family member who is an anointed match maker or at least working hard to be one. =)

I remember when I was a new believer in Christ, I didn’t want to date or even be remotely interested in a woman, until I read the entire Bible.

So the prayer went something like this: “God, please do not give me a wife until I know your Word so that I don’t mess up Your plans.”

I was really motivated at that point to know Jesus and to read the 66 books. I wanted to know God’s perfect will for my life.

I was put to a test when one of my aunts who owned a oriental store mentioned her brother-in-law needing computer help and just so happen to have a beautiful daughter. I respectfully responded to my aunt that I wasn’t interested since I was seeking the Lord.

My aunt (whom I’m not related to; we Filipino’s just call them our Aunt or Uncle out of respect and honor) bought that store from my Uncle JJ who my mom bought many of her statues and oriental things from his store.

2 or so years later after having read much of the Word, I met a beautiful mistesa who must of been a great runner because she was always running through my mind. I was twitter-painted!

One day after she knew I wasn’t a weirdo, she invited me to her house and the moment she introduced me to her mom, I recognized her from somewhere.

After commenting that I’ve seen or meet her before, she revealed to me that she has a sister who started a new business venture awhile back – an oriental store.

That was my aunt who tried to match us a few years ago.

I asked Jen to marry me on the New Year’s countdown and 7 months later, we’re husband and wife.

Today, as I was driving home, a thought entered my mind of two godly people who are saving themselves for Mr./Mrs. Right.

Both of them are vocal about being pure and living holy lives pleasing to God. They’re solid believers, one-of-a-kind role models, and sold-out for Jesus Christ!

Drum roll please…..Tim Tebow’s future soulmate is Moriah Peters!

You heard it here first!

So Mr. Tebow, if God somehow gets you to read this post — I hope you invite me and my family to your wedding. =)

(Dear God, May they at least meet and be good friends but I think they would compliment each other’s calling in life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.)

Check out these videos and tell me they’re not perfect for each other.

If this does come to fruition, I think I’ll play the lotto that day. =)

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