Sweet Seasoned Steaks for the Seasoned Saints

The secret to really good steak is the seasoning and sugar.

(We put sugar in many of our foods. You should try our Sweet Style Spaghetti. Yummy in the tummy!)

My wife makes an awesome Bistek (Beef-Steak) dish that got a sweetness to it that makes you coming back for more.

This sweetness gets absorbed into the onions and it just explodes in my mouth. =)

The proof is in the pounds… I’ve gained from all the delicious dinners since we’ve been married.

Yes the pounds have exploded and expanded my waist!

I used to be able to fit into size 29 pants which I recently found some and tried them on.

I describe the experience like watching a raccoon’s head stuck in a peanut butter jar. =)

I’m going to change the subject now…..

Do you know that God calls us saints? If this intrigues you or you just need a reminder, Bob Hoekstra’s messages will serve you steak for your soul.

  • Who We are in Christ

Download Mp3 – http://media.livinginchrist.org/library/hoekstra-bob/studies-topical/CGW-24/CGW-17.mp3

  • Renewing of the Mind

Download Mp3 – http://media.livinginchrist.org/library/hoekstra-bob/studies-topical/CGW-24/CGW-18.mp3

If you are interested in more messages (or meals for your soul), please visit http://www.livinginchrist.org.

Enjoy these worship songs performed by Mr & Mrs. Evan Wickham.

  • Part 1


  • Part 2