Masakit Ang Puso Ko – RIP Junior Seau

Today is Thursday and this morning I found out that Junior Seau is no longer with us. Rest In Peace Mr. Seau.

Yesterday the Lord gave me a Filipino phrase – Masakit ang puso ko! (My heart is hurting.)

I normally don’t think in Tagalog. I can understand Tagalog but have a difficult time forming my words.

Also, my heart felt “mysterious” and I could only listen to Phil Wickham’s Debut Album – Give You My World. This is my all-time favorite CD that calms my restless soul and puts me in a peaceful mindset. I just had the songs play in rotation on my Iphone. I just had to have these songs play throughout my day.

It then made sense this morning when I saw the news report that Junior was found dead Wednesday morning.

I grew up in Oceanside, CA and Junior was known by everyone. I attended the same high school he did and worked with his relative and close friends at the Boys & Girls Club. My sister was awarded with the Junior Seau Scholarship.

Junior to me was like the Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson of their respective sport. Football was exciting to watch! He really got me pumped about the Chargers. His clothing brand and the way you say his name – SAY-OW – was what he brought to the opposing team. If you were in his way be ready to “Say-Ow!” (like in “Ouch! That hurts.”) In the game, if you sow to Junior, you’d reap hurt. Off the field and personal, you’d feel his passionate heart to help and encourage others to do their very best.

Today, I mourn with all who have been touched by his life and love.

As I had a conversation with God, He shared with me these 3 promises:

1. The Lord is Healer and Restorer of the broken-hearted.

2. The Lord is the God of Forgiveness and Redemption.

3. The Lord is the God of Justice and Righteousness.

I don’t buy the official story of suicide (only God knows) but I will rest in His promises.

  • Phil Wickham – Capture My Heart

Send Your spirit and move us
Lord make Your presence known
Let Your fire consume us, Jesus we lift our souls to You
In my failure and my weakness
Your strength is glorified
For Your grace and Your forgiveness brought me from death to life in You
I’m alive in You

You capture my heart
In all of Your beauty
You cover my soul
In all of You mercy
Lord I’ve fallen so in love with you

I will praise You all my days
In You is all I need
Teach me Your will and Your ways, Jesus, I long to be with You
Just to be with You


  • Phi Wickham – Still Your Love Goes On

I always complicate these things
Written by Phil Wickham

Been living everything for me
But who can match Your grace
Your mercy can fill the darkest place

Still Your love goes on
Still You break me down
Still Your love runs free
Still You wash over me

I know sometimes I lose my way
And then my heart gets afraid
But I realize I must walk by faith and not by sight

Oh, Your love goes on
It’s all that I can see
Oh, You love goes on
It reaches all of me
Oh, Your love goes on
Into my deepest dreams
Oh, Your love goes on


  • Phil Wickham – Give You My World

(Verse 1)
There is a love that can’t be contained
It comes from the Father of Lights to my soul
It overcomes the darkness that I used to hide in
It covers me and it makes me whole

I want to give you my world
To reveal all I am and all I’ve become
I want to give you my world
To surrender my life and all that’s within me to You

(Verse 2)
There is a peace that can’t be contained
It burrows its way to the depths of my soul
It changes my life my entire being
It covers me it makes me whole


  • Phil Wickham – Take My Heart

Inside You shine
Amidst this broken daylight
Take this darkness
That I might see Your goodness
My eyes are on the sky
Show me what You hold
You are the light of my soul

You have been in the beauty in the song I sing
The fragrance in the rain
You have been the mystery in my deepest dreams
You make me fly away
You have been more faithful than the morning sun
You’ve given me the stars
Take my life
Take my soul
Take my heart

You make me, You break me
You’ve changed my life completely
Always, my days
I’ll freely give You my praise
My life is in Your hands
Let me feel Your touch
Lord I live for Your love


  • Phil Wickham – You Are Everything

Jesus, You’re my everything
My heart beats for You
Filled with power and mystery
Lord, I thirst for You
You are everything
You are everything

Lord, You are beautiful
Awesome and wonderful
I give You all of my life
Lord, You’re the song I sing
Perfect in everything
I give You all of my life
For You are everything

You’re the stone I rest upon
I find peace in You
I love You Lord with all my heart
I place my hope in You
For You are everything
You are everything


  • Phil Wickham – Jesus, Lord Of Heaven (LIVE)

Jesus lord of heaven
I did not deserve
the grace that you have given
And the promise of your word

Lord I stand and wonder
of the sacrifice you made
if mercy be your measure
my debt you freely paid

Your love is deeper
than the oceans
higher than the heavens
reaches beyond the stars in the sky

Jesus your love has no bounds


  • Phil Wickham – Shining

You guide me through the dark
You calm my fearful heart
I will rest in You
You give me perfect peace
You fill my deepest need
I will rest in You

Shining like the sun
Let Your kingdom come
I want to be with You
In Your presence

Your kindness draws me in
Now I’m with You once again
I will rest in You
My God who reigns on high
To You alone I cry
I will rest in You

Shining like the sun
Let Your kingdom come
I want to be with You
In Your presence
I’m here to give You praise
You take my breath away
And now I’m here with You
In Your presence

You’re shining, You’re shining
Your light surrounds me
Your light has found me


  • Phil Wickham – High Above

Your mercy falls with the rain
Your power is displayed in the wild ocean
Your presence will always remain
Jesus Your love reaches to the heavens
You are God high above the earth

Angels sing for You
Mountains melt at the sound of Your name
Oceans roar for You
All of creation gives You praise
You are God high above the earth

Jesus, You’re all that I need
Here is my life come and take it from me
Jesus You make me complete
With You at my side I can know no boundries
You are God high abouve the earth


  • Phil Wickham – Marvelous

You are the Bread of Life

Your words can satisfy
My every need
My cup cannot run dry

Your water flows within me
Your love has satisfied

My every need
Marvelous and holy
King upon the cross
I will serve You only,
Make my life Your own
I’ll follow You forever
Give You all my love
Only You are God
Verse 2

My true and faithful friend
I cast my cares upon You
Your mercy draws me in,
The mighty rushing wind
Brings me into Your presence
I call Your name again,
Jesus, Jesus


Only You are God

Only You are God


  • Phil Wickham – How It Turned Out

What are the chances
Of ever knowing You
Oh God of creation
What would have happened
If I never followed You
Oh Lord of salvation
But this is how it turned out
This is how it turned out
Everyday you greet me
With the beauty of the dawn
My faithful Companion
Your mercy is the morning
Your glory is in the sun
My Father in heaven
You knew how it would turn out
You knew how it would turn out

You’re the hope of my life
You’re the God of my peace
You’re the light of my soul the very reason I breathe
I will walk in Your love
I will run in Your grace
I live to worship You

You are the reason
For every breathe I take
The strength in my weakness
You have forgiven every one of my mistakes
Power in meakness
This is how it turned out
This is how it turned out


  • Phil Wickham – All For You

All for You
All for You (2x)
May all that’s inside of my heart
And my mind be all for You

I worship You (2x)
With all that’s inside
My heart and my mind
I worship You

I love you (2x)
With all that’s inside
My heart and my mind
I love you


Closing Comments:  If you have been following this blog, we just completed a 6-part series on dealing with difficulty and the next series (with Dr. Sala) will be on dealing with depression.