Not Of This World (NOTW)

Do you need a vacation?

We all need “time-off” to step back from our world and enter into someone else’s world.

Last week, we took a road trip to Jacksonville, Florida to visit my sister. We celebrated Lana’s Baptismal (my sister’s new born). One way trip is about 14-15 hours. With 2 little kids (and 1 big kid – me) there were times of melt downs but we got through them by God’s grace.

My sister and her husband have the greatest gigs in the world. They get to work from home. How cool and convenient to not have to dress up, deal with traffic and dodge co-worker drama.

Have you ever seen the C28 brand – N.O.T.W (Not Of This World)? This is derived from Jesus’ Words in John 17:16 – “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”

What did Jesus mean by this? Are followers of Jesus from another world?

If you want to unlock this truth, please continue to step #1.

#1 Read & Explore the 17th chapter of the Book of John using BlueLetterBible.

#2 Quote from Len Ravenhill:

I think the greatest miracle that God can do is to take an unholy man out of an unholy world, and make that unholy man holy and put him back in an unholy world and keep him holy.

#3 Watch the Victor Marx Story. If you’ve read and studied Chapter 17, you’ll have a richer understanding of being NOTW (Not Of This World).

Victor Marx DVD Trailer

#4 Watch these radical messages. Len Ravenhill’s sermons are very challenging but current for our time. He’s like the Bruce Lee of preaching. Never have I heard anyone pray like him, nor preach with such intensity. Mr. Ravenhill is an extreme example of NOTW.

Biblical Repentance (Excerpts)


Willing To Drink His Cup (Full Length)


Closing Comment: I enjoyed being part of my sister’s world in Jacksonville but I like coming back to my world in Shreveport. Coming back home puts things into perspective. I like taking showers in my own shower. I like having yard projects. And there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I believe this is a perfect illustration of God’s perfect place He’s prepared for us in eternity with Jesus. We’re like pilgrims in this world, just passing by and will be going Home at anytime. Let’s make every day count. Living for a higher purpose and calling is much better than trying to build your own little kingdom. You may have heard it this way: Living in Christ and living out Christ.


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