Manny Pacman is a “Bible-Quoting Maniac”

Saturday evening, I was in a packed house of Filipinos who only wanted to watch the main event. While the other fights were going on, they karaoked…. and I methodically planned how I was going to fit all the wonderful Filipino food in my tummy. =)

I tell yea…it’s fun to watch the aunties and grandmas scream and clap for Manny while the the majority of the guys are calm and collective (at least outwardly).

We all knew who really won..but as a matter of fact there is something more important that’s not getting covered – Manny’s spiritual awakening.

A five-part series of video on an interview done by boxing promotion company Top Rank, “Pacquiao: A Spiritual Awakening,” includes the boxer talking about how he came to realize that he could not stop from sinning and that by immersing himself in the Bible, and giving himself fully to Jesus Christ, he was able to have a new focus.

Pacquiao’s pastor, also seen in some of the video, is also impressed with the boxer’s uncanny ability to memorize Scripture. The next day after one particular Bible study, he was able to quote four verses back to him, the pastor said.

Pacquiao was asked by the interviewer in the Top Rank video series how he reconciles with being a Christian and a participant in the violent sport of boxing.

“Your fans may be worried that now with your [Christian] faith you may have lost your killer punch. What do you say to them?” the interviewer asks in one segment.

“I have been authorized by my opponent to hit him. I have authorized him to hit me. It’s just our careers,” Pacquiao said. ‎

“This is entertainment. It’s to entertain people,” he continued. “When I hit my opponent it doesn’t mean that I don’t like him. I love him.”

  • Pastor Jesse Dedel praying for Congressman Manny Pacquiao and family at the ABS CBN FELLOWSHIP on March 29,2012.


Kuya Manny- I praise God for your boldness and pray for a revival in the PH. I dedicate the below Christian song to you. Keep standing your ground and fight the good fight of faith. Grace and peace to you and the fam. 

  • TobyMac – Me Without You (Official Lyric Video)