Mix-Mix Master Chef – You Can Trust Me!

My dad is a very creative cook. He’d make my sister and I many “on the fly” concoctions to eat. I call it the “No Left Overs – Left Behind” style of cooking. =) Just take a little bit of left overs and mix it with “whatever”….Do the sign of the cross and abracadabra, you have a magical meal with mysterious flavors.

The memory is stuck in my head but the details of what he exactly put in them doesn’t seem to register. =) I may have suppressed the trauma. There was a seafood dish with a little bit of every sea creature. But one “not so bad” example is to mix-mix (halo-halo) a bowl of cereal using whole Oreo cookies tossed in with Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch and/or Rice Krispies..or whatever cereals we had.

As fathers, our actions are seen by our children and we influence their habits that carry on to adulthood.

So this morning I prepared my baon for work and realized that I’m also a Mix-Mix Master Chef like my dad. I took the left overs from a few days ago which was stir fry noodles and fried chicken strips. I got 2 eggs and mixed everything into a bowl with “whatever” herbs and spices I could find like nutmeg, cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, onions, cumin, black pepper, ect and top it with balsamic vinegar. By my surprise the final product was (as my son would say) like a party in my mouth.

  • “Love Is All” – Jekob (Official Music Video)