Your Love – The Ambassador

A brother in Christ introduced me to an artist named The Ambassador (Thanks Ron).

I usually play it when I’m at the gym since it got a good beat.

But today one of the songs played and the lyrics jumped out at me.

I couldn’t find all the lyrics to the song or the full song on youtube but here what I got:

Recorded song starts with this intro:

Have you ever been in a place of brokeness?

You might be there right now?

It takes love to get you out!

And that’s what He does….that’s what He did!

The lyrics that popped out at me are underlined:

Anybody ever tell you that they love you?

Of course they have, its almost automatic

we all endorse the habit

we say it, but don’t display it

we can do better

its just a few letters until it gets some shoe leather

coz when the rubber meets the road

we see a tree

and this is more love than we can hold

love saw me in the deepest hole,

started reaching, you asked if i was seeking, no!

I was sinking low, on the brink of throwing in the towel

no hope, like on a singing show, singing foul

but the judge saved me

and his love bathed me

bugged maybe? but i am clean and thats love baby

Growing up my parents never used the words, “I love you!” Might be a cultural thing. But they showed love and continue to display it. The irony is that they say it to their grandchildren.

So when I hear someone say those words to me, I don’t easily say it back or if I do, it’s doesn’t feel natural.

I tell my wife and kids that I love them all the time because I mean it. I’d die for my family and sacrifice everything.

But there is someone else that made the greatest sacrifice in all of history and forever.

Do you know what Jesus did for you? It’s yours if you’re willing to ask.

May this be that day you seek Him and His love becomes very real to you.

Hope you enjoy the below videos. Play and pay attention to the lyrics!

  • Up Down (Feat. Charmaine) – The Ambassador


  • Da’ T.R.U.T.H. “The Whole Truth” Music Video


  • Kim Cash Tate & Da’ T.R.U.T.H. / CHERISHED Trailer & Song ft. CeCe Winans


For those having marital problems, this song is dedicated to you. What is important about this song is that as a believer in Christ, we become part of the Bride of Christ. God cherishes us so much. He’s always thinking about good things for us. That is why I believe no matter what your background is, by God’s grace He can heal any marriage so we can display that to the world. He has given that example when He died for His Bride on the Cross and we become pure and holy in His sight. Nothing can change that! 

DA T.R.U.T.H. Feat. CeCe Winans – Cherished – The Whole Truth


  • Mahal- I dedicate this song to you! Happy 7-th Year Anniversary!

Yeah, sometimes we get so addicted to self that, you don’t realize you hurting other people, specially the people you care the most about.

Girl I love ya cross my heart and I hope to live to make you smile,
Cause I don’t deserve you. So for all the times you held me,
Down listen to me now, I love you girl.

Ya know I had to do a love song
To let the whole world know bout my love jones ,
Love sticks is what I told the docter,
We could be more like Sho Baraka,
But we all Moore’s and we been that
And when I said I do, I meant that
Its trip that, you let me lead you
Cause I’m a mess and sometimes I need you
And I need you, to understand
That I’m dying everything tryin to be a better man,

I put that on my momma,
I love the way you play your part through my drama
Long nights, long flights, trips outta town
Ya keep my head up when it was hanging down
Down like four flats on a lack
I let you down and you still keep coming back

Girl I love ya cross my heart and I hope to live to make you smile,
Cause I don’t deserve you. So for all the times you held me down,
Listen to me now, I love you girl.

Out here trying to save the world,
Cant forget about my baby girl
And baby girl, you so tight its true to me sometimes I wonder why you fool with me
Cause foolishly I’m prone to hurt you,
Call you grace cause I don’t deserve you
I recall cold nights, no lights, low dough nights
You ain’t fussin you was there the whole night sayin its alright,

So faithful, Far as beef yeah we done had a plateful
But we ate it up and we made it up
Cause our view of the Lord wasn’t great enough
No divorce cause what God brought together,
We will never tear apart, gonna fight and never let up.
And when I get up I’m back down on my knees,
Thank God my rib’s the best part of me.

Girl I love ya cross my heart and I hope to live to make you smile,
Cause I don’t deserve you. So for all the times you held me down,
Listen to me now, I love you girl.

All the fellas out there in the world
If your lady love God and you gotta good girl
Stay wit her, pray wit her, take her on a date
Tell her you appreciate…

How she love me, how she cares
And how shes every woman every where,
And baby I’m sorry for all the days I let you down
But I got something to say, I love you girl