Marriage Advice: Tap Out To The Spouse – Have A Happy House!

If you’re not married, you can skip this post, however if you’re thinking about marriage or in the process, you may want to save this post in your Favorites or even print it out. =)

Over the weekend, my wife and I had a movie date. We saw the Amazing Spiderman. Btw, I’ve got a fun topic about the film that I’ll develop later for those who like End Times Prophecy.

Before going to the theater, we had a refreshing and joyous time of fellowship with another Christian couple. We shared tips and insight on a happy and holy marriage.

We came up with a variety of sayings that one day might end up on a t-shirt or bumper sticker.

It revolves around the below tips and tricks that I call the 2-4-6-8 principle: (Think of the cheer – Two, Four, Six, Eight who do we appreciate!)

  • Yes Dear ( Two Words)
  • Sounds good to me (Four Words)
  • Happy wife is a happy life (Six Words)
  • I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U (Eight Letters)

Drum roll please!

“Tap out to the wife and have a great life (with minimal strife).”    (Can I get an Amen!)

“Tap out to the spouse and have a happy house.”    (Can I get another Amen!)

Ladies and Gents, there you have it. And possibly a title or thesis to a future best-selling marriage counseling book.

I know this is meddling but God has laid out the biblical counsel for each spouse and if obeyed, they will see amazing results that testify of God’s amazing grace.

You can read it at Blue Letter Bible in 1 Peter 3.  Pray that God will give you clarity as you meditate on the entire chapter before having a deep discussion with your spouse.

(Tip: If you click on the “L” button next to the Scripture, you can get a list of text, audio, and video commentaries. I usually find great clarity reading the Study Guide by David Guzik.)

The best teaching I’ve heard on marriage is taught by Joe Focht. Visit the sermon page under the subcategory “Teaching Packages” –

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Conclusion: The Greek word for submission/subjection is hypotassō. In it’s rawest form it means  “You better tap out, dude!” =) I’ve seen MMA fights where the other doesn’t tap out and his arm or leg gets dislocated. Often marriage is like that. The only way to have true submission (the type that doesn’t come natural) is to first submit to the spiritual authority of Christ. Both will have to trust God and do what works for the marriage based on agape love (aka sacrificial love) and not man’s wisdom.  Each marriage is like ballroom dancing with different styles. You’ll find what works best as you sense and understand your partner’s patterns.

Husbands, your wife is the daughter of the King!

Wives, your husband has been given the divine duty to be the leader of the relationship.

Husbands and Wives, you are both children of the Most High and equal in importance to God who is the God of order and design.

Church (especially church leaders), let’s change the divorce stats because the world is looking at us. You’re God’s dancing partner for life and for eternity. Don’t forget what Christ did for His Bride. Grace is free but it didn’t come cheap.

The Bride – LeCrea

She’s a building of beings bein’ constructed, Christ is the cornerstone
Foundation built on another and you’s a goner homes
She’s built on Him, supported by Him, conformed to Him
Now she’s a body of bodies who transformed through Him
A temple that breathes, we are the halls
We are the floorboards or more, we are the walls
Manifold wisdom of God no longer a mystery
The church is the pinnacle of our salvific history
One flesh union homie
The Tri-union is glorified through our corporatized communion
Still the present reality is she was born a casualty
Though she’s made alive she’s still affected by depravity
Once lived in sin and enslaved by her lust and
Folks catch her slippin’ and they turn away disgusted
She’s a work in progress, Christ is the head of her
And He wash her clean with the words He done said to her
Already pretty but really she’s not dressed
And sometimes she look silly but she’s far from a mess
Yes, please don’t be dissin’ cause Jesus done paid grip
And if you didn’t then you should call her Misses
I’m talking ’bout the Church

I know she may look gritty
When her Man come back she gone look so pretty
She the Church
You might see her actin’ crazy
Be patient with her though cause she still God’s baby
She the Church
Before you diss her, get to know her
Jesus got a thing for her and He died just to show her
She the Church
She ain’t bricks and buildings
She all of God’s people, men women and children
We the Church

Verse 2:

Her name is Ecclesia, meaning the assembly
Bows to the Trinity, no other divinity
A body, family and a community she is all one
But on Earth you see her in congregational small ones
A microcosm or a small scale example
But it is the church even though it’s just a sample
Invisible, spiritual, physical, visible
Not a brick temple, never that simple
This a not a building, she is not bricks
She’s a world changer but ain’t ’bout gettin’ rich
Perpetratin’ fakes cause a lot of folks to hate
Plus her hands get dirty and her feet get scraped
And sometimes her body parts start acting outta place
Legs tryna be the arms, arms thinkin’ they the face
But she’ll never be replaced with a one man band
Or a small Tel’-evan with nobody in command


Verse 3:
Some don’t get it so they hate
They say she’s on a paper chase, they say she’s really fake
So they go start a ministry so they can do the work
But they don’t understand how Jesus feel about His Church
And yeah they make disciples, got plenty conversions
They take care of the widows and the orphans, man they be workin’
But none of them are Church and no church structure
No elders and no discipline, they have no conductor
And they don’t submit, but quite a few of them are baptized
People how I pray that you’d look at this thing from God’s eyes
Take responsibility inside the whole council
Not just the area where you might have a mouthful
Who should folks submit to, who’ll conduct the discipline?
If excommunicated, what body will they be missin’ then?
Peep Ephesians 4 where Paul gets practical
1 Timothy and Titus if you thinkin’ I’m irrational