The Amazing End Times Prophecy

Last week, my wife and I saw the Marvel film – Amazing Spiderman.

In a previous post I promised to post a topic on End Times prophecy. Prophecy is one of my favorite areas in Bible. It reminds me of my “back-in-the-days” all time favorite show – X-Files – and just about anything Marvel. As a matter of fact, I still got my comicbook collection safely stored in individual plastic sleeves with backing boards.

If you’ve been trending themes to shows and movies, you’ll notice some type of scfi/supernatural struggle.

In the Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker gets bitten by a genetically modified spider that transforms him into the Spiderman.

Before I begin, this is my disclaimer when diving into these doctrines that it can either turn you off completely or make you weird. But if you’re Filipino (like me) you’re already weird so let’s begin. =)

One of my favorite teachers and researchers is Douglas Hamp who is an expert and scholar in Biblical and ancient languages. He’s balanced in theology especially when connecting end times to God’s love and grace for mankind. He uses proper hermeneutical discipline and has a gift in teaching difficult passages that we’ve been taught was “gray area” or just speculation. Remember that people who are not studied or have a narrow understanding of end times prophecy will use those words like “speculation” and “gray area” which almost leads to comments like “These things have always been happening”, “It’s not literal but figurative in nature”, and “The Bible doesn’t say that”.

Douglas Hamp has written a book – Corrupting The Image: Angels, Aliens, and The Anti-Christ Revealed – which I believe is essential in understanding and unraveling the spiritual and supernatural war we’re in.

I’ll end this post with what some are saying about the book and my links of other recommended resources:

What people are saying about the book…

A fresh look at prophecy! Douglas Hamp demonstrates that end times Bible prophecy is first given in the Garden of Eden where God declares to the serpent the coming of the Messiah from the seed of the woman and the coming of the Antichrist from Satan’s seed. He then traces Satan’s attempts to bring about his seed throughout human history and in these last days. The facts will shock you!

– Pastor Chuck Smith, Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA

A thrilling read! Douglas brings together, perhaps for the first time ever, a comprehensive explanation of how the Antichrist will be a genetic counterfeit of the virgin birth.  This book is at the cutting edge of research and is written so that the average person can grasp the sinister plan that is unfolding before our very eyes.

– Dr. Kenton Beshore, President of World Bible Society

I finished “Corrupting the Image”and was spell bound, as it talks about & uses the Bible as proof for the thoughts that are developed. I learned so very much, like the Nephilim and who they were in Genesis 6, that I tell everyone about it!!!!
Steve Mathein, Pastor Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

Absolutely astonishing! Corrupting the Image provides a biblical, scientific and enlightening way of looking at the “big picture” of the end times that is so logical it will blow your mind.

– Dr Scott A. Collie D.C., CSN BodyPro Wellness

Startling! This book takes what the Bible says and magnifies it so you can see clearly how genetics is vital to opening the door for the return of the Nephilim.  No matter where you stand on biblical eschatology this book will affect you.  Read it.

– Dr. J. David Lehman, B.M.E., P.E., M.Div., D. Phil., Ph.D., Bible Researcher and Lecturer

A thrilling read for the detective-at-heart! Corrupting the Image challenges the curious-minded to think beyond traditional opinion, as it delves deep into the core of original biblical text, with the fundamental purpose of proving – as it soundly does – that what we may know of Satanic influence pales in comparison to its true intent.

– William C. Harvey, M.S., Author Barrons Educational Series, Inc.

The book will help you understand Satan’s goal to alter the DNA of Mankind so that a false government leader plus a false religious leader can be produced to join Satan as an unholy Trinity. The Bible is the word of God and Doug’s book is based on the Bible. We need to understand these major truths that are already beginning to impact life on earth.

– Don Secrist, Founder

Douglas Hamp’s latest lesson, applying his well honed skills with biblical Hebrew and Greek as well as Aramaic, addresses mysteries and controversies that span the times from antediluvian Genesis, to post-flood, the present day and on toward eschatological expectations of end times.  While there is growing interest and discussion by others of possible connections between the giants or Nephalim hybrids from man and fallen angels to the Great Flood, God’s command for total slaughter of certain cities in Canaan, and modern day UFO’s, alien abductions, and the Antichrist, Douglas’ analyses present new support for such theories. This entire study elucidates a thread of continuity that bears consideration as it chronicles Satan’s continuing and unrelenting attack on God’s image, which includes us, as we have been created in His image, and ultimately portends to the ancestry and modus operandi of the Antichrist, which some will someday be able to witness and verify.

– Dr. Stan Sholar, Retired Aerospace

Other resources to supplement your study:

1. JD Farag (Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii) has a weekly Middle East Prophecy Update that will keep you updated on current events affecting Israel.

2. Douglas Hamp

3. Chuck Missler & Mark Eastman

4. Tom Horn & David Flynn

5. Joel Rosenburg (aka The Modern Day Nostradamus) –

Closing Comments:

I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed by all this research. My encouragement to you is pray that God will guide you. There is a lot to sort through and if you feel brain-freezed, take a break for a time. But once you’ve seen God’s plan from the get-go and Satan’s strategy to undermine God’s perfect will, you’ll be able to spot things you never saw. It’s like when you’re in the market for a car, truck, house, RV, boat or trailer. You’ll notice things you were oblivious to. Recently, I needed a trailer to haul things and now I see them everywhere, pointing out if it’s got wood flooring or pipe framing. =)


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