Filipino Secrets + New DNA Discovery

I have a theory (which I can’t prove scientifically YET but this article is a starting point – A New Genetic Code?) that all Filipinos have a “special” programming hardcoded into our DNA. The 4 bases of DNA is adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C). I propose a new base called filipine (F).

Folks, this is how Filipino’s will rule the world one day. We’ll do this under the radar by intermarrying and eventually you’ll see a Filipina First Lady who will rule the White House. Husbands just accept the fact that your Filipina wife rules the house, ok! =) Our secret weapon will be winning the hearts of others with food, hospitality, karaoke, and sniff kisses. (Btw, when’s the next Manny fight?)

If you’ve become a fan of HappySlip like me, you’ve begun to share these skits with your other friends and family members. Christine Gambito has the gift of sharing our “special” skill sets in her video skits. I’m usually laughing at myself because deep down I’m like that too. My favorite character is Auntie who has the best advice about “everything”. (See the bonus video below.)

I’m a firm believer that when you take yourself too seriously, an instant alarm should go off (in your head) to stop what you’re doing and find your funny bone. =)

These below videos will reveal Filipino secrets that will radically change your life.


Bonus Video! Flies & In-laws (Advice with Auntie)

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How to Sniff Kiss (Advice with Auntie)


Where’s Da Rice? (Music Video)