Jesus Speaks In Tagalog

I grew up watching lots of Filipino films. My family would go to Lita’s Fish Market (Oceanside, CA) and rent the latest movies, as well as buy some tasty foods like pandesal and deep fried lechon.

As soon as we put in the VHS tape, it would start with the Viva Videos clip. I can hear it in my head – “Viva Video presents…” =)  My favorite has always been Tito, Vic, and Joey.

Every Saturday (if nothing is planned) my family takes a half “day-off” from the time we get up to noon before we start on the Honey-Do List. We hang out and have no obligations. We just chill out!

I was searching for the Jesus Film (Gospel of Luke) in Tagalog and sure enough I found the video on Youtube.

It’s so refreshing and exciting to hear Jesus speak Tagalog and a good way to get familiar with the language of my parents.

If you’re interested in getting the DVD with the different languages in the PH or the common languages in the States, go to:

Here are some Tagalog Worship Songs to experience our beautiful language:

  • Minamahal Kita & Kabanal-banalang Diyos


  • Draw Me Close To You ( Tagalog) With Lyrics


  • Mahal Na Mahal Kita Panginoon With Lyrics


  • Pour My Love On You With Lyrics