Getting Jiggy on Friday – Labor Day Weekend

My kids and I have a simple dance move that we do when we get excited about something.

Picture my 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son, doing this. It’s fun to watch and fun to do.

Give it a try!

Step 1: Stretch out arms/hands in front of you like you’re telling someone to stop.

Step 2: Bend arms back, close fists, and do a circular movement with arms to either the right or left so that your hands are close to touching your chest.

Step 3: Repeat in a circular motion and say out loud, “Oh Yea! Oh Yea! Oh Yea!”

Step 4: You may shake your hips, bounce your shoulders a little, then pause with arms crossed and say out loud, “Keep it real.”

My daughter just say’s, “Real!” with the cutest look on her face. Then my son might follow it up with his own personal dance moves which he’s famous for his suspended head stands. =)

It’s Friday and I’m ready to start my 3-day weekend.

Have a great labor day weekend and “Keep It Real!” =D

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