Monthly Archive: December, 2012

No More Birthdays (FAQ Part 4)

“I don’t want to have anymore birthdays,” said Noah my 4-year old son. “I want to stay 4 years old all the time,” he added. As I ponder this, I thought to myself,… Continue reading

All For One or All-In-One?

The above picture is not my son. =) But a very close depiction since he practically has all the masks and gear to be any combination of super-hero characters. His favorite is The Avengers… Continue reading

To Err Is Human, To Arr Is Pirate (FAQ Part 3)

Ok, try this! Squint one eye and utter these words: “Arr, matey, shiver me timbers!” My high school mascot was a pirate. I liked all the Pirate of the Caribbean movies and at random… Continue reading

Fellowship or Fell-Off-A-Ship? (FAQ Part 2)

Biblical fellowship (koinōnia) is like being on a ship and each believer is your fellow sailor or shipmate. The crew will share and participate in the great journey led by our Shipmaster or… Continue reading

What’s Ch-ur-ch? (FAQ Part 1)

We’re continuing the series we did on the novel, So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore. I’ll cover 2 of the 15 FAQ in the Appendix. [Full Article] Where do you go… Continue reading

Hangry for the Truth

My Lola with a smile always asked me if I was “angry”? At first it sounds like “angry” but she was wording it “han-gry” as in hungry. She could cook any Filipino dish… Continue reading