Hangry for the Truth


My Lola with a smile always asked me if I was “angry”?

At first it sounds like “angry” but she was wording it “han-gry” as in hungry.

She could cook any Filipino dish and knew how to keep me chubby. =)

Recently me and my wife had lunch with some friends that are planning to leave their local church. They were struggling with the all too familiar issues that were written in the novel, So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore.

I recommended to them the book and that it was FREE 99!

Who doesn’t like FREE, right! =)

The next series of posts will be from the novel’s FAQ article. FAQ means Filipinos Asks (too much) Questions. =)

I’ll list the questions and in the next post we’ll unravel each one. In the meantime, you can read the full article at:


  1. Where do you go to church?
  2. Are you just trying to avoid the question?
  3. But don’t we need regular fellowship?
  4. Shouldn’t we be committed to a local fellowship?
  5. But don’t our institutions keep us from error?
  6. So are traditional congregations wrong?
  7. So should I stop going to church, too?
  8. Then meeting in homes is the answer?
  9. Aren’t you just reacting out of hurt?
  10. Are you looking for the perfect church?
  11. But don’t our children need church activities?
  12. What dynamics of body life do you look for?
  13. Aren’t you giving people an excuse to sit home and do nothing?
  14. Isn’t this view of church divisive?
  15. Where can I find that kind of fellowship?

Stay tuned and stay “han-gry” for the Truth!

Jeremy Camp – Reckless (Lyrics)


Beckah Shae – Peace of Jerusalem (Official Typography Video)