All For One or All-In-One?


The above picture is not my son. =) But a very close depiction since he practically has all the masks and gear to be any combination of super-hero characters.

His favorite is The Avengers especially Captain America and Thor. Last night, he put on his Ironman mask and super hero cape, lifting up his Captain America shield, he utters the command, “Avengers assemble!”

My son is the “all-in-one” super-hero!

When we leave the house, there are two essential things Noah must bring: (1) yellow bandanna that is used as a cape and (2) Captain American shield which also functions as a frisbee. Optional is his Thor hammer.

Last week, as we entered McDonald’s, a man commented, “Look it’s Superman!” Noah replied with frustration, “Man, I’m Captain America!” It was too funny!

(How do you feel when someone misunderstands or misinterprets something you do or say? Are you quick to correct or just let let it slide?)

On the same day, we went furniture shopping and a salesman remember me and asked how was my surgery. I was pleasantly surprised he remembered since that was about a year ago that I had “knee” surgery. I complimented him for how great his memory was and he replied, “How could you forget…since it was “neck” surgery!”

I can be a pain in the neck but (dude!) how do you get that one mixed up. =)

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!


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