Math Problem: 1 + 3 = ?


What is 1 cross plus 3 nails?

Solution: 1 cross + 3 nails = 4given.

I drive down a lot of dirt roads in Texas. One particular access road had a large tree branch fall on its path. I’ve passed it many times and so have others. Over time as we avoided that tree branch, our tire tracks created a new path around it. Today, the Lord led me to remove that tree branch to teach me a very important truth.

Sin is like that fallen branch and people would rather drive circles around it then actually deal with it. We would rather avoid, complain and blame so-and-so when God can actually use us to be the solution. God help us to be the salt and light! Help us to overcome our biggest obstacle and enemy… ourselves!

It’s Friday and TGIF! Thank God I‘m Filipino! =)

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