The Marshmallow Test


You’ll get a good laugh at this video:

As a kid, I don’t remember liking marshmallows and I’m almost certain that if you left me in a room by myself, I’d probably cry and scream for my mommy. Ok, I had separation anxiety! =) However, I did like chocolate and could eat lots of it.

I remember waiting in a grocery line with my parents and noticed my favorite chocolate caramel candy called Rolo. Well I can’t remember how I did it but seconds later they were unwrapped and in my mouth. I got in big trouble but even worst….no Chuck-E-Cheeses that day. Nooooooooooooo! It was the worst day of my life! lol.

As much as I hate test, life will be full of them. But remember that God doesn’t grade on a curve but on the cross.

Beckah Shae – Do Not Give Up


TobyMac – Eye On It


The Marshmallow Experiment – Instant Gratification


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