Cute Aggression (You know you’re Filipino when….)



I was reading an article that referenced a Filipino word that I’ve never heard before which has no English equivalent.

The word for today is gigli.

 Gigli: “The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute.”

As a matter of fact, a new study explains why most of us exhibit aggressive behavior when we see something cute or beautiful. If that is you then you have “cute aggression”.

Many times I’ve heard people say about my kids, “They’re so cute I could eat them up.”

Dude that’s cannibalism! =) Obviously it’s not literal but more of a way to express that I have the cutest kids in the world.

Oriana Aragon and Rebecca Dyer, graduate psychology students at Yale University, led the research that found a connection between photos of adorable pets and the desire to squish or squeeze the fluffy critters, the way a grandmother might squeeze a baby’s cheeks. [link]

The article further explains that “some participants even experienced a loss of control — that is, a participant finds an animal is so cute that he or she ‘can’t handle it’.”

You know you’re Filipino when your Auntie has “cute aggression.” =)

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