“F” as in Friday (or Fart)


What sound does the letter “F” make?

“F” as in Friday or Fart.

My son is learning how to read, and if you’re Filipino, it can be quite a feat in sounding out certain letters. (Btw, the sound of farting brings great laughter in my home, but only permissible if someone pulls your finger.)

For example, Philippines and Filipino, which bears the question – Why isn’t it spelled “Philippino?”

Through the magic of Google, I found the answer but look at it later. [link]

Since halo-halo is my all-time favorite Filipino dessert, I’m going to mix-mix you up some music videos that relate to these “F” words:

Floating, Flying, Future, Filipino, and/or Freedom

Here are five fascinating videos that have one or more elements of the above five “F” words. Is it me or am I seeing a lot of words with the letter “F” on this fantastic Friday. =) For-sheezy and lil’ bit Freaky!

Hope you hafe a fery fun Friday!

Owl City – Alligator Sky ft. Shawn Chrystopher


Group 1 Crew – Outta Space Love


Switchfoot – Stars


Future of Forestry – Open Wide Music Video


The Fray – How To Save A Life


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