Study Through The Book of Acts – Prelude


What are some of your favorite TV shows?

One of my favorite shows is Pysch. I watched a few episodes in 2006 when it debut but that was it. Recently as I browsed Netflix, I was pleasantly surprised to find it for instant streaming. I started watching and I’m hooked. Each actor’s role and personality makes it a halo-halo dessert of joy that keeps me craving for more. If these actors were actually like this in real life, they would be my best friends forever. =)

As a matter of faact, in one of the episodes, Shawn explains to Gus, “I don’t ever want to hear again that my Filipino accent doesn’t work magic” to acquire information for their case. (2:00, Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion) There is also another brief reference to “Alvin, good guy. Filipino” who is a muffler shop manager. (28:18,  The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable)

Just like our love for certain TV shows, we can also fall in love with the Book of Acts.

It’s got controversial topics, intriguing characters, supernatural elements, comedy, suspense, drama, action and adventure.

The next series of blogs will be a chapter by chapter commentary.

So let’s get started with this visual word for word reenactment of chapter 1.

Chapter 1 – Visual Bible

Come back later, as I gather all my resources and research.

In the meantime, my other favorite show are skits performed by HappySlip (Filipina Youtube sensation, Christine Gambito)…check out some of her Youtube vids ….that Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster would highly recommend! It would be awesome if Christine appeared in Pysch. =)

A Page From My Diary


Love at First Sight


Rebecca Black – FRIDAY cover (with a Filipino twist) 


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