The Happiest Place On Earth!


My son Noah asked us, “Is Miss Bonnie in Heaven?”

(Miss Bonnie is our dear friend who was called home to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer.)

“Of course – she is,” we replied.

“I want to go to Heaven too,” said Noah.

I then asked him if he knew how to get to Heaven and led him into a simple prayer that he repeated.

Was this a seed planted in his heart for later receiving Jesus or was this his born-again experience? Only God knows that!

Noah turns 5 in a few weeks.

BTW, last week we had a blast at Disney World and Sea World. On our family vacation, I realized that deep down we are all seeking the “happiest place on earth.”

That place for me was this morning when my son had his arms wrapped around me, asking God to live in his heart.

The Afters – Every Good Thing (Lyrics)


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