Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Honey, I Shrunk The Gifts!

Remember the movie – Honey I Shrunk the Kids? I thought it would be cool to shrink things so they easily fit in my pocket like if I wanted to steal a Lamborghini or… Continue reading

W.W.B.C.D – What Would Bill Cosby Do?

I remember my mom telling me that people who eat peanuts are smarter. Her brother (the genius in the family) always ate peanuts. Plus when I was little he could draw Superman by… Continue reading


Over the weekend, the large mouth bass were biting. We went to town on them! So what’s the big deal about fishing? (If you’re Filipino, you don’t have to think about it!) To… Continue reading

Love Spelled Backwards Is E-V-O-L

Ever have “ran-dumb” thoughts? I had one today that I’d like to share. “What is LOVE spelled backwards?” EVOL. What does that sound like especially if you say it with a Filipino accent… Continue reading


My daughter is 2 years old and a frequent question we hear is…… (Drum roll please!) “WHY?” Ask her to do something or try to explain something and she’ll say, “Why?” and respond… Continue reading

Thou Shalt Not Steal My Neighbors Candy

I was at a car dealership to get an oil change. Service was great and it was done quickly. However, something was missing from my truck. I had placed some emergency candy in… Continue reading