Thou Shalt Not Steal My Neighbors Candy


I was at a car dealership to get an oil change. Service was great and it was done quickly.

However, something was missing from my truck. I had placed some emergency candy in a cubbyhole in my driver-side door.

Woot! Didn’t they know about the commandment: Thou shalt not steal my neighbors candy.

I remember a family trip to the Philippines when I was little. I was a little rascal too with no fear of cavities. I ate candy like I stole it. Literally, I stole candy from my mom’s sister who was selling it for a school fundraiser. My aunt did an inventory of her candy to find some missing, and without due process, I was immediately taken outside to the front patio and stripped down to nothing. Yep, I love those memories of public nudity. =)

It’s Friday and today’s devotional will be short and to the point.

People are not “pinatas” that you can hit up for candy. Parents are!

If you have kids, you know what I’m saying.

My son had his 5-th b-day party last week and we got him an Avenger’s pinata.

So why does hitting an object produce so much joy in a child’s heart? The reward of heaps of free candy, right!

I have a theory called Pinata Parenting. If your child throws a fit to get what they want and you give in, then you’re a Pinata Parent. They may even hit you during their outburst, hoping candy will just fall out of you. Can I get a witness?

So why do I share this? When we grow up, we treat others like pinatas. Like the person that stole my emergency candy, he or she knew there will be no consequence because I would probably let it slide.  Plus who would report something that petty without being humiliated? What if I called the manager and made a ruckus by reporting that I had a diabetic shock and needed that candy but since one of his employees stole my Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, I passed out while driving. You think I can get someone in trouble? =)

It’s Friday and I’ll let it slide…maybe! =) Would you… if I took your candy?

Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy these music vids.

Manafest – Bring The Ruckus


KJ-52 – “Dangerous” (Official Lyric Video)


Group 1 Crew – “Transcend”


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