Love Spelled Backwards Is E-V-O-L


Ever have “ran-dumb” thoughts?

I had one today that I’d like to share.

“What is LOVE spelled backwards?”


What does that sound like especially if you say it with a Filipino accent while walking backwards?

Use it in this sentence: “Hoy halika dito. Don’t say nothin’ but, you know your auntie, she’s a evol!

Evil! So is love an evil thing? Are aunties evil? You be the of that judge! πŸ™‚ Just sayin’.

Ok just for the record this post is not to be taken seriously, nor was it to make fun of any Filipino aunties….maybe the HappySlip Auntie is a tiny evol.

I hope you LOVE these videos and don’t think their too EVOL!


Tim Hawkins – Corporate Worship Songs


Baby Got Book (OFFICIAL)


Do the Bill Cosby – KJ-52


Where’s da Rice??


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