Over the weekend, the large mouth bass were biting. We went to town on them!

So what’s the big deal about fishing? (If you’re Filipino, you don’t have to think about it!)

To clear our mind? To get away from the wife? (Maybe!)

But we fish to catch fish, clean it, then season it with some Slap Ya Mama.

We reel and reap the rewards. There’s an emotional high to reeling in a big one and a emotional low when the big one gets away. At the end, we reward our taste buds with a delicious meal.

It’s a multi-tier system of rewards and benefits.

What else can we apply this to?

Getting an award for finding a lost animal.

Winning a competition or contest.

Hitting a Pinata.

Getting married (Can I get an Amen!)

Having a good 401-K plan. K is for Kids. (Yup they will determine our nursing home.)

I think you get it! We love reaping rewards and enjoy the benefits and blessings it brings.

As believers, we will one day attend the largest award ceremony ever organized in history. It’s called the Bema Seat of Christ and we will be rewarded for what we did with the time and resources God gave us. There is another event called the Great White Throne Judgement and trust me you don’t want to attend that one. It’s an eternal (as in forever and ever) jail sentence for your soul.

My son asked if he could have an Avengers’ chair which my daughter overheard and wants a princess one. My wife and I want to bless our kids, so we’ll do our research online and probably get them one.

Imagine with me….that my kids are opening their gifts and the moment they see the chairs, they pick it up and start hitting us with it. Then they request it be sent back because they hate it. As a parent, we’d feel disappointed and mystified by their reaction since it was exactly what they wanted.

How much more with God when we’ve been given ample time and opportunity to receive His free gift and still reject it…. Even the angels must be scratching their heads but as a matter of fact they don’t understand why God loves us so much.

Do you know that God loves you?

Colton Dixon – Love Has Come for Me (Lyrics)


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