W.W.B.C.D – What Would Bill Cosby Do?


I remember my mom telling me that people who eat peanuts are smarter. Her brother (the genius in the family) always ate peanuts. Plus when I was little he could draw Superman by memory. He is a genius! =)

I remember my dad teaching me how to cast a fishing pole, set the bait, cleaning them, etc. He fished all his life and we kept our freezer full.

We are given instruction in life to hopefully better ourselves and one day share that wealth of knowledge with others.

Let’s revisit this video from the last post.

The Fishing Club

So whats the point if we just spin our wheels and never do it. We’ve become experts at coming up with excuses and sadly it’s really bad in the church. It’s far easy to have our little pow-wow meetings and have endless complaining sessions but when do we actually fish.

Let me take you to my gym…I’m on the exercise bike reading my copy of Victor Marx and some guy was staring at me. I thought he wanted to know what book I was reading since it’s got a cool Ninja man with a Katana sword. =)

He commented something like, “Just looking at your calorie display to see how much you were burning. You’ll burn more calories on so-and-so machine.”

Alrighty then, Mr. Out-Of-Shape Dude that I never met…please go away, I thought in my head, trying to remember W.W.J.D but thinking What Would Chuck Norris Do?

The guy didn’t look like a personal trainer and as a matter of fact I only saw him a few more times.  How can he give me advise before even knowing my fitness goals? Sorry dude but you can keep your Free.99 advice!

(Here’s a tip to avoid unwanted conversations while working out – use headphones.)

Sadly, this happens all too often using the name of Jesus. If you come across someone like that use this: W.W.M.T.D.

“What Would Mr. T Do!” I pity the fool and move on. Don’t get caught up in their jibba-jabba!

……and ever since Mr. Out of Shape dude went mia, I’ve reached my fitness goals. Why because I get counsel from those with credibility.

So what did Jesus do when counseling and teaching the Samaritan woman at the well? They chit chatted and Jesus properly used  information about her (Duh, Jesus knows everything about us, right! But He always has perfect timing). What makes a check valid for cashing? You need their signature and the most obvious, money in their account. You can be sure that Jesus doesn’t bounce checks. His truth and wisdom are valuable, and the best part it’s free to those with open hearts and ears to hear.

Bill Cosby put it in the most profound way (in the New King James translation), “Cause the proof is in the pudding.”

Our life is like a platter of food samples at Sam’s Club. Does our Christian walk draw people closer to the grace of God or farther away?

Ok, it’s lunch time! Peace.

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