Honey, I Shrunk The Gifts!

Honey I shrunk the Kids

Remember the movie – Honey I Shrunk the Kids?

I thought it would be cool to shrink things so they easily fit in my pocket like if I wanted to steal a Lamborghini or bank or something. =)

Plus if you can shrink yourself, you could save on airfare or eating out. Dude, you’ll have a full belly off of crumbs.

Anyways, yesterday for church, we didn’t have our regular service but rather everyone had the option to “Do Good” in the community. There were many opportunities the church put together. We choice choose to bring Krispy Kreme donunts  donuts and a gift bag to a our local fire station. The kids got to visit with the firefighters and see all the cool fire fighting stuff. But now I think about it….I didn’t see a pole. Woot! A firehouse without a fireman’s pole? We are truly living in the end times. =)

That evening, we had a worship service/concert with Lincoln Brewster. Man, talk about icing on the cake.

Lincoln shared how he made the transition from the secular music industry to modern-worship. He was afraid to unleash his gift of playing the guitar due to his fear of man. He was purposely “shrinking” his gift when God never told him to. God met him in a personal way and Lincoln shared his fun and inspirational story with us.

The video will be posted later at: [Stream Here]

Why do we “shrink” our God-given gifts?

It’s usually a halo-halo of man-made guilt, false teaching, and fear of not being liked.

It’s sad that many people fall for that lie and their walk with the Lord becomes rigid and regretful. What happened to Jesus sets you free!

Lincoln Brewster had the right word that night that we are called to shine our gifts, not shrink them.

There are different people we can reach. If you play golf, surf, ballet, powerlift, hunt gators, etc continue to do it with excellence. God has given each of us a part in His grand plan to unleash His love on fallen man.

What gift have you shrunk? It’s time to dial-in your shrink ray to “shine for Jesus.”


Lincoln Brewster – Salvation Is Here


Lincoln Brewster – “Reaching For You” (with Lyrics)


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