Monthly Archive: June, 2013

SMO = You Stressing Me Out!

I love how we come up with acronyms. SMO (Stressing Me Out) is a new one in my book. It’s Monday and probably the most stressful day for the working men and women.… Continue reading

Man’s Day Event

I have to brag about my local church. I’ve been to many churches and I mean lots of them. I’ve streamed/heard thousands of sermons, been to countless events, and help organize outreaches but… Continue reading

YOU WILL BE KNOWN BY YOUR [fill-in-the-blank]

I met a white lady who commented that she had a “Philippines” friend. ¬†She described how wonderful our food was. As she described her favorite dish, I knew she was talking about Pancit.… Continue reading

Diving Overboard

I heard this song on the radio and just had to find it on Youtube. What’s interesting about this song is how it makes you feel. It makes you want to get up… Continue reading

Confessions Of A Disco Funk Dad

Ok. I must make a confession. I wanted to bury my past but it’s now affecting my kids. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you just yet ’cause you might send me hate mail or… Continue reading

My Treasure

I was scanning through radio stations and a song just got me grooven in my seat. As I listened to the words, I thought of my sweetie. We have been married for almost… Continue reading