Confessions Of A Disco Funk Dad


Ok. I must make a confession. I wanted to bury my past but it’s now affecting my kids.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you just yet ’cause you might send me hate mail or condemn me.

It wasn’t my choice ’cause I was peer pressured to do it when I was in High School.

I was in Show Choir for 3 years. Woot!

Now my kids got the “dancing fever” from daddy and it’s too cute.

My daughter (almost 3-yrs old) does a mix of ballet with her own style. My son (5-yrs old) does a mix of break dancing and power moves.

Yesterday, I played Burno Mars’ song “Treasure” (minus the intro) and some Breakbot.

My son said he couldn’t stop dancing like his feet was on auto-drive. =) Dance fever!

Being a parent is such a privilege and blessing from God.  If you’re a parent or parent to be, it’s all worth the sacrifice.


Breakbot – Fantasy (feat Ruckazoid)


Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (TSC – Forsythe)


The Sylvers – Reach Out


Jabbawockeez – Funky Town [HQ]


Bruno Mars Performs Treasure On Jimmey Kimmel Live HQ


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