Man’s Day Event


I have to brag about my local church. I’ve been to many churches and I mean lots of them. I’ve streamed/heard thousands of sermons, been to countless events, and help organize outreaches but this Sunday was just the best time I’ve ever had.

It was Father’s Day and The Simple Church did it up. They had church members display their cool trucks, lifted ATVs, classic/sports cars, and custom motorcycles. It was totally a Man’s Day at church. Maybe next year, I’ll ask if I could display my lil’ James Bond ride. =)

Oh yea to top it off, they had an abundance of protein. It was deer, pork and beef sausages galore with the tastiest “Do Good” sauces.

But let me take you down a rabbit trail to a conversation I had with a family member who attends another denomination. He knows my wife and I are devote believers and we ain’t into the “weird-side” of Christianity. Yet he had the audacity to neg The Simple Church for the way we do church services. Why?

Christian, I used to be like that. Talk smack about other churches but I no longer do that. Jesus is adding to the Church and it’s a diverse group. It ain’t one-size fits all!

(I’m now stepping down from my soap box.) =)

Back to bragging about this Sunday…..There was a Father’s Day video shown that I think if you’re a Dad, you’ll connect with one of the characters:


Dad Life


If you want to watch the entire service, it should be available at:

Go Dads!

(end of transmission)