SMO = You Stressing Me Out!


I love how we come up with acronyms. SMO (Stressing Me Out) is a new one in my book.

It’s Monday and probably the most stressful day for the working men and women.

No matter what day it is or who you are, stress is here to stay. So how do we combat this “bad guy” that would eventually hurt us.

I believe the right music or sounds helps us and prepares the heart for healing. So does good chocolate candy, cake, or ice-cream. =)  Can I get an Amen!

De-stress with me as I listen to these amazing sounds and lyrics from the Shane & Shane band.


That’s How You Forgive (Lyric Video)


Update: The moment I posted this devotional, this topic got real within seconds. The Sheriff was coming to get me! I was in my work truck parked in front of a Post Office (in a small town) at 8am which opens at 8:30. Hey, free-time so I can blog, right! I apparently SMOed the postal worker since I didn’t come in exactly at 8:30 so she immediately called the Sheriff.  Granted there are weird people out there (especially at Post Offices) and maybe I just look like one. =) It’s all good ’cause the above song says it all. I wasn’t SMO but more thankful for this experience. I got my package sent out without waiting in line and the worker was very sorry for jumping the gun.

Here’s another good music video by Matthew West. Enjoy!

Matthew West | Hello My Name is

(end of transmission)