Once upon a time, I met a man who was on a lemonade diet. For weeks all he drank was a special lemonade recipe to help detox his body. Well, it sounded cool and I like to experiment too! I did the research and gather all the ingredients.

Something like $50 later, I was gung-ho and lasted about a day and half on the diet. What I hated was the sea salt drink in the morning (I won’t even tell you what that does. Just be very close to a bathroom) and I just couldn’t get use to the idea of drinking cayenne pepper with the lemonade drink.

Here’s what I learned: It’s just not for me! I like to eat real food.

Funny think is that I was so hungry that when I decided to stop this non-sense, I had a banana. Holy cow, that was like the best banana I ever tasted. It was a very spiritual moment.

I’ve been on a religious detox of man-made doctrines and what I learned: It’s just not for me and was surprised what came out! (Inside joke there if you already tried the lemonade diet.)

You might be wondering which of the thousands of non-sense doctrines I’m talking about.

Let’s pick one.

How about the hot topic about “doing church”. Members complain and murmur that this church does that and their church could also do this differently. It’s an endless list that no local church could ever fill. They are never satisfied where they go. Are they doing anything about it? No, however they like to throw themselves a pity party. I’ve been there and done that. Yes we seek the perfect church but that’s only going to happen when we get our glorified body, which mine will be taller. =)

Congrats, you made it to Friday. Finish well my friends!

Hope you enjoy these videos.

Beckah Shae – Turbo Style (Official Lyric Video)


Group 1 Crew – Goin Down (Official Music Video)


Capital Kings – You’ll Never Be Alone. (Official Music Video)

(end of transmission)