What a waste!


15 or so years ago, I “pimped my ride” and spent ridiculous money on custom rims, low profile tires, lowering suspension, engine upgrades, audio system, etc. Plus the time wasted on installing, troubleshooting, and tinkering around with the engine. I eventually sold the car for almost nothing and all that time and money wasted.

6 or so years ago, I got a motorcycle and spent ridiculous money and time on that too. Louder pipes, custom fabrications, engine upgrades, accessories, and gear. Again lots of time wasted and lots of money flushed down the toilet. I eventually sold it and you guessed it – more money wasted.

What have you done or bought that you can look back and honestly say “That was a waste”?

Today as I was driving to work, I passed a Billboard AD that displayed: “Obey God’s Law – 7th Day Sabbath.”

Can you guess what I thought? They wasted money on that!

When and where you attend church is not God’s Law.

God doesn’t care if you go to a church building on Sunday or Saturday or Wednesday or everyday. The Sabbath doctrine has been so twisted and the purpose of it has been lost. Only man cares if you go to church since that is when they collect your “faith offering” so they can continue to build bigger buildings, pad their pockets and continue to spread fear of God’s judgement. What a waste of time and money!

I use to attend a fellowship that taught against legalism but in fact was practicing it themselves. It could be very subtle or obvious. For example, my marriage was questioned by the pastor because I was driving my company truck to church even after explaining that I’m on-call and must leave anytime. Apparently that was not acceptable. Also if your wife has an “unspoken prayer request” and doesn’t want to mention the details then that will mean you’re having marital problems. If your wife isn’t smiling all the time, your marriage will be questioned. Even if you can explain the why, when, where and who, your marriage is still in trouble. Even if you ask your wife if there is something wrong and she say’s everything is good, the pastor will not believe you no matter what you say even under a polygraph. If you are not going to all the church events especially mid-week studies or prayer meetings, then you’re probably back sliding and your marriage is in trouble. If you disagree with the pastor or show that you know more about a topic, then you are probably unbalanced and picked up some unsound doctrine. I can keep on going but will save you some time and frustration. My wife and I have a very healthy and flourishing relationship (but of course I love her more). =)

If you ever find yourself caught up in legalism, nip it in the bud. I choose to simply follow Jesus and don’t need barriers to complicate my relationship with the Living God and His daughter.

I’m certain when we take account of what we did on this earth, we probably wasted most of our time and resources to following man, our pointless endeavors, and very little following God…..but here’s the Good News, God doesn’t base His love on your good works or for that matter, your bad deeds. He doesn’t need your sacrifice because He already provided one through His only begotten Son. Christ paid it in full. He took the sins of the world and cleared our debt. We are free! We are no longer bound by guilt and shame. Man and the devil have no power over us, unless we give it. We worship any time and any place because God is Spirit and we worship Him in Spirit and Truth. If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.


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