Bad Guys & Good Guys


My 5-year old son loves his super heroes. Last night as I was praying with him, he mentioned that satan was a bad guy and angels help people. We had a short discussion about the forces of light and darkness. It’s so neat that my son can jump in while I pray because that means he’s listening and wants to interact with God too.

There are dark forces at work and this email I got is proof of that.

From Victor Marx:

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Today I have been asked to go pray for a family and home that has been having radical manifestations of demonic appearances even physically attacking the dad. This a solid family. Thank you! “

Victor Marx is a MMA expert and one of God’s warriors. He guest speaks at youth prisons and God uses Victor’s testimony in amazing ways.

Well, the rest of the email follows with an actual demon possession and healing.

Two weeks ago I was just getting to the part in my message where I speak of angels and demons. It was only a few seconds before I was about to say demons when this gal in her 20’s jumps up and tears out, growling like she is running from something out of the sanctuary!

Someone earlier told me they had been praying for a gal who was very demonized and being tormented. It was her! She slammed the door open and then as my colleague Mike Savenye witnessed, she got pinned against the wall in the lobby with no one touching her.

I stopped the service and said, that is sadly a perfect example of a manifestation of a demonized gal.

Here is another person’s comment who was there:

“I was sitting next to her. It was one of the most interesting things I have seen in a church service! I remember Victor was talking about seeing an angel. Then she got out of her seat, growled while her arms were behind her (kinda like when yawning how your arms go back), then I heard loud stomping footsteps in a running pace, and a loud thud of the door! I went straight to praying for her after that!”

After service I walked out to see her pacing back and forth and when I went to approach her, her face contorted and she growled and then grabbed and tossed a chair toward me. After most everyone left, her dear friend said, “Please can you help us and pray for her. She has been struggling with this demon intensely for 1 1/2 years. The last 3 weeks has been the worst with crazy supernatural manifestations and today it was physically trying to keep her from coming here.”

So I said, “Does she want to be prayed for and set free from this demon?” “Yes, yes! She is desperate!”

So they took her into the pastor’s office and with her friend present, Mike and I went in.

It was kinda crazy for a short time but when I prayed for the room to be sealed by a seamless canopy of the blood of Jesus and that The Lord would send warring angels to destroy any and all communication for this demon to others demons, also commanding this demon in her to not hurt her, or display any manifestation to cause disorder in this time, things were ok.

In the authority of Jesus Christ alone, this demon was commanded to give me his name which he reluctantly did as her faced was twinging and distorted and eyes turning pretty black; the demon did want to look at me but I said you must look at me and tell me your name. He did. It started with an A; it was some old weird language I did not know; then he was commanded to give me the meaning of his name which was “To seek and destroy.”

We found out the legal right he had to be there and then the power of God touched her and the demon instantly left her in a shocking manner but was final and complete.

Her face instantly changed became soft, her voice returned to normal and she starting crying with relief as did her dear friend. She had started recently fasting as The Lord told her this one will only come out by prayer and fasting.

As she sat there I asked Caroline, “Has anyone ever prayed a blessing over you? She replied, “No.” I layed my hands on her head and God gave me the sweetest prayer of blessing to pray upon her life and you could feel the presence of The Lord confirm that this was indeed his mighty little princess warrior now!

The battle belonged to The Lord, the Victory is His alone, all glory and power and honor to our faithful loving Deliverer God.

It was wonderful to see Caroline that night at the evening service, full of peace and joy, in her right mind and quoting scripture and in my opinion full of God’s Spirit and her faithful older sister in The Lord who has stood in the gap for her for so long, never giving up, knowing God would prevail.

Thank you for continued prayers.

PS – She later told me at the evening service that the demon looking through her eyes saw my face (big white smile) but more important a bright or brilliant light shining through my eyes; that’s why he hated looking at me. Now to that I said, “Wow, very cool that’s what demons see in the eyes of a believer: the Power and Spirit of God!” Let all God’s children remember we all have that power and authority of The Lord!

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