Tool-Box & Church-Box


What is your favorite tool in the toolbox?


Does it make your life easier?

Having the right tools can mean a 3-minute fix or the wrong tool can take 3 hours or even 3 days. Yikes! But if you’re taking 3 weeks or 3 months or God-forbid 3-years, please seek a professional asap or just buy the right tools. =D

I believe when the devil needs to break or rig something, he goes to the nearest church-box and picks his tools. Whether it’s creating contention within it’s members or making God look bad, he knows exactly the correct combination of tools to get the job done.

I also believe the Master Carpenter uses us as tools for fixing relationships especially the most important of them all between fallen-broken man and a perfect-holy God.

How so? I’ve got the perfect tool for you to fix this problem. Ask God to reveal His truth to you and crack open any of the Gospel books and get to know the real Jesus today.

If  you need a physical book to carry around and take notes, this free pocket size one can be requested at:

Have a wonderful day being a tool in His Mighty Hands! Enjoy these videos by Je’Kob.


Je’kob – Faith [feat. Conscience]

Je’kob – “John316” Lyric Video


Je’kob – “In Your Hands”


(End Of Transmission)