Man In The Mirror


It’s Monday and please don’t hate on me after I share some childhood memories. =D

I was 5 (or so) years old and I sported a black & red Michael Jackson jacket, wearing my MJ shades with plastic yellow bat in hand for a microphone.

Life was simpler back then…

I’m in my early 30’s and while looking at the man in the mirror, I noticed some white hair. Woot! And they’re multiplying and in places I do not want to mention. I remember when I was little, my mom paid us $1.00 for every white hair we plucked from her head. Don’t you love revisiting these memories…..Life was much simpler back then…

When one gets married, starts a family, has a 30-year fixed mortgage, and more bills, it changes and refines one’s perspective and understanding about life…..Life got more complex!

Sunday’s sermon topic was one of those teachings that hit home in the heart. It was about being burnt out which may include heart burn too.

I remember being burnt out by my job and other commitments. Do I feel that way now?

Not at all since God sort that out for me, and the heart burn is gone too. =D

When you feel like you got nothing else to offer or things are spinning out of control, call out to God for help. He’s got some simple steps to start when you’re ready. His plan may not be received well especially by those closes to you but let God work that out. You’ll discover He has already been orchestrating and influencing many aspects of your life. He’s got great things lined up for you.

Right now, it may not seem that way and you actually feel God is against you. That is far from the truth because He is the Hound of Heaven relentlessly pursuing you and loves you more than any human can. He will give you the constant in your life. He will give you the strength and endurance to run this race and the reward is just up a head.

His timing can be like a garden. Get ready for the season when all your hard work will be fruitful. Keep watering and keep pulling out those weeds….or white hair! =D

Grace and peace to you, friend!

Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

Lecrae – TELL THE WORLD Feat. Mali Music

(End Of Transmission)