Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Magandang Araw Sa Iyo (Have a nice day!)

Jamie Grace – Beautiful Day (Lyric Video) . (End Of Transmission)

How Are Your Peelings Today?

How are your peelings today? I love this episode of HappySlip and the Zombie Sprint Commercial. Peelings . Sprint Unlimited My Way Zombie Your feelings are an important part of your spiritual life.… Continue reading

Tuesday Tunes

When I became a believer, it took awhile for me to let go of all my secular music. I later realized music was more than just a “good beat”. There was power behind… Continue reading

Ding Dong! Who Dat?

I got my own knock-knock joke. Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Cult! Cult who? Is that a Colt 911 Pistol in your hand!  A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, there were two well… Continue reading

We Can Make It!

A BEAUTIFUL PLACE By: Je’kob Hello, Hello out there my friends/ Hello out there my buddies, Hello out there my pals/ Hey, I spit the truth on a dirty mic/ We could heal… Continue reading

Filipino Duck Dynasty!

It’s Friday! Got to love Labor Day and this short work week. If you vote for me as president of the world, I will enact a law redefining the weekend to Saturday, Sunday… Continue reading