Filipino Duck Dynasty!


It’s Friday! Got to love Labor Day and this short work week. If you vote for me as president of the world, I will enact a law redefining the weekend to Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Woot!

As a matter of faact, at one point my dad grew out his beard and hair. Picture a Filipino Duck Commander! Woot!

Btw, I support the beard look and it’s on my bucket list! =D

I like “happy happy happy” things but today I want to spice things up for you!

I want to challenge your world view.

Sad! Sad! Sad! I heard this clip on the radio and found the video for you. It builds up to a great truth and admonition….Life is valuable. In God’s eyes, you are valuable and not an accident. We are called to protect the innocent.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson (He tells it like it is!)

This next video compliments what Phil was saying but will take you even further. Here is the beginning lyrics : “Go on tell em how it is, this world’s gone crazy/ How the heck we debating killin’ babies?/ And I hope I piss a lot of people off/ Defend it how you like but you still killin’ babies”

JE’KOB “Can’t Have My Soul”

This next one is the “making” of the music video which is amazing to watch how music is made. God endows us with talents and abilities to show His handiwork. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. We are made in His image and likeness. Abortion is just bad bad bad and sad sad sad. Please give your child a chance to do great things.

Jekob – Can’t Have My Soul (The Making Of)


Fearfully and wonderfully made – Matt Redman


Brooke Fraser – Shadow Feet Music Video


(End of Transmission)