Ding Dong! Who Dat?


I got my own knock-knock joke.

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Cult who?

Is that a Colt 911 Pistol in your hand! 

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, there were two well dressed young guys at my door with their car parked by my house.

I really don’t have time for shenanigans nor the energy to “cast my pearls” to those that trample over them and try to insult me….this applies to about everyone – family, friends, and co-workers.

I simply looked at them through the window and with a firm voice, “No Thank You!”

I’ve had many cult members come to my door and I actually entertained a conversation with one which ended with something like: “your bible is not inspired by the true and living God but of the devil..have a good day and watch your step for the bolt of lightning being sent down from heaven.”  (Not my exact words but it was what I thought).

I get it! It’s not just people at your door but people close to you who try to push some opinion or teaching on you. It doesn’t even have to be religious in nature. Do I hate those people? No! I just don’t let them in my life. (Don’t get me wrong I do hate the sin nature that makes them that way.) They usually get a version of me like the knock-knock joke but a little less Samuel L. Jackson but if they press the right button enough times, they get the Mr. T version, the one if you mess with his momma.

Je’kob – Initium (Faith’s Spark)


By: Je’kob

Verse 1

Ok Lord/
I should be locked up – Rasta, I act out so much I need an oscar/
I been plagued with hate I need a doctor, yeah I was soaked in sin and need to wash up/
My body, my mind, and my soul/
Demons and angels fightin’ for control/
Who’s gonna win, Love or the Sin/
Somebody tell me when’s this gonna end/
Cause i’m tired Lord – bruised up, dog toy – chewed up/
My joy – used up, cause this world is screwed up/

This world is screwed up 4X

I need your blood – dracula, your saving grace is spectacular/
No savin’ face I’m not askin’ ya/
I’m beggin’, I’m pleading, I need it, I’m fiendin’/No sleepin’, No eatin’
I’m dreaming’ of swimmin’ in oceans of demons/
So I freestyle flow, I don’t know the words to say/
I need GPS Lord God, I done gone and lost my way/
I done gone and lost my time, I done gone and lost my mind/
I hold on to the fact that your infinite wisdom eternally shines/
So I rise up from the grave, I had chains on – slave/
I’m Michael Jackson – bad, I’m William Wallace – brave/
I got a new lease on life, and it don’t come with chains/
I done left everything in the past, no I will never ever be the same/
I’m a new man with a lust for love, and no time for hate/
I can no longer deny you, cause Your Son died in my place/
Lord take all my hate, replace it with Love/
Lord use me to shine like a light in a dark world, let me show them who you are/


Yo, It’s a new season/
I am no longer enslaved to sin – greed, lust, pride, envy, hate/
I give it all up, Lord I give it all up/
Yeah, welcome to love/
And if you’re lost right now/
Know that God is right there – knocking – knocking/
Ask Him into your heart right now/
Put down your pride, and step off your throne/


(End Of Transmission)