How Are Your Peelings Today?


How are your peelings today?

I love this episode of HappySlip and the Zombie Sprint Commercial.



Sprint Unlimited My Way Zombie

Your feelings are an important part of your spiritual life. Many will say don’t trust your feelings but if you’re feeling a physical or emotional pain, it’s hard to ignore that. On another note, it’s easier to explain and express feelings of joy, peace and contentment.

But do you ever have those days when it’s hard to explain how you feel? What I’ve found is that musician have the ability to bridge that gap. They have the artistic gift to speak to our soul through songs.

Here’s one of my favorite artist (Andy Mineo) with this gift and his music encompasses many of the struggles, thoughts, and feels we experience.

Check out his full album on Youtube!

Finish well my friend!

Heroes for sale (FULL ALBUM) Andy Mineo


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