It’s Nothin But Brisket & Honey!


HappySlip is back and who doesn’t like her humor based on the “unique” things that Filipinos do that make you laugh or drive you nuts.

Check this out!

I tell yea, it’s like we just naturally take it to another level of insanity. =D

A few weeks ago, we planned a last minute road trip to So. Cali which would take a few days of travel.

This is where the joke, “You know you’re Filipino when….”, just got really real.

We had to transport Brisket and Deer Meat as well as 3 gallons of honey to distribute to family members.

Then coming back home, we had to bring back with us a 10-lb “single” roll of packing tape and you know the normal stuff like more stuff, fruits, vegetables and plants (and the worms and bugs that come with it). Thank God no perishable meats this time, however we did have a box full of Guava that we almost brought but there was no way we would survive the smell of what is described as stinky armpits or smelly butt.

Yep, I just had to laugh it off since I could have literally stopped on the side of the road and have a garage sale/organic foods stand. I really should have to pay for gasoline. =D

You know you’re Filipino when your car is just a big Balikbayan Box with wheels.

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